Notarial services

A notary public is a public officer constituted by law to perform notarial acts with the objective of securing the rights and legitimate interests of the parties to those acts as well as other persons who may be legally affected by these acts.

Notarial services provided by the Office include:

- preparation of notarial acts, including:
      sale agreements
      preliminary contracts
      co-ownership dissolution agreements
      donation agreements
      company deeds
      property ownership transfer agreements
      conditional contracts
      contracts of exchange
      deeds establishing personal and praedial servitudes
      last wills
      agreements for the partition of the estate
      agreements on marital property
      agreements on the division of joint property
- preparation of succession certificates
- attesting the authenticity of signatures
- preparation of corporate records, including general meeting records
- preparation of reports on taking into safe custody of documents, monies or securities,
- authentication of transcripts, excerpts or extracts as true copies of original documents
- preparation of draft deeds, statements and other documents upon the Customer's request
- preparation of other acts, as required under applicable laws and regulations.

Prior to the performance of any notarial services, we kindly request you to contact the notary or our Office staff by phone, email or in person in order to determine the scope of services needed, documents required and applicable fees. 

Originals of all the required documents should be presented. Prior to the arranged meeting at which a notarial service is due to be performed, their scans or copies should be sent either by by email or fax, or delivered in person. Careful examination of these documents is vital for the smooth and secure provision of the service required.

Our notarial services may be performed outside the Office, if warranted by their nature or specific circumstances.

In response to numerous queries we kindly inform our clients that all legal advice pertaining to our services is provided free of charge.